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How to Add, Remove, & Reorder the Share Sheet Options on

On iPhones, the share sheet is a powerful yet largely underestimated tool. For the uninitiated, the share sheet is the menu that opens whenever you tap the share button (the box with the up-arrow). This menu features sharing options to first and third-party apps, as well as extra functions like saving, copying, duplicating, and more. Best of all?

How to Customize the iOS Sharing Menu

RELATED: How to Use Spotlight Search on Your iPhone or iPad. Historically the sharing system was pretty limited in scope. You could only send information from applications to core iOS apps like Mail, Notes, Reminders, and so on. With the release of iOS 8, however, Apple made the share sheet system extensible and suddenly it became possible to

How to Manually Add Workout to Activity App from iPhone

Workout app on your Apple Watch is a fantastic activity tracker, which tracks the duration and type of workouts. Before you start any exercise, you need to open the app and select the activity. In case you forget to track your workout, you can manually add the workout to Activity app using your iPhone.

Add to Activities list | Apple iPad Forum

· When an app has an extention (action, share, document provider) feature you can add it by tapping the More icon at the far right of the share sheet. However, as far as I know, OneDrive does not have any extentions; and there is nothing you can do to add one. It's up to the developer; i.e. Microsoft has to do it.

How to use Workouts with Activities for iPhone | iMore

How to view workouts on your iPhone. Launch the Activity app from your iPhone home screen. Tap Workouts along the bottom of the screen. It looks like a man running in the circle.

Get to know the Activity app for Apple Watch— Apple

· Close your rings every day and win at life. With the Activity app, you can use your Apple Watch and iPhone to track your active calories, steps, and workouts. Then cheer on your friends and family

How do I add apps the the activities share extension

· I would like to know how can I add apps like whatsapp, line, bbm and others to ACTIVITIES SHARE EXTENSION when I want to send any photo trought pictures How do I add apps the the activities share extension? - iPhone, iPad, iPod Forums at

How to Add OneDrive to the Files App on iPhone - wikiHow

· How to Add OneDrive to the Files App on iPhone or iPad. This wikiHow teaches you how to link your Microsoft OneDrive account to your iPhone's or iPad's Files app. In order to do this, you'll need to have your iPhone or iPad updated to iOS

The Easiest Way to Add Widgets to the Today View on Your

Ever since iOS 8, you could add widgets on your iPhone using the "Edit" menu on the Today view page, but there's an easier and faster way to get widgets set up for viewing via a right swipe on the lock screen, a swipe right from the first home screen page, and a swipe down from center top everywhere else.

Use the Activity app on your Apple Watch - Apple Support

· Open the Activity app on your Apple Watch. Go to your rings, then firmly press the screen. Tap to increase or decrease the number of active calories for your daily Move goal. When you're done, tap Update. You can change the Move goal, but not your Exercise or Stand goals.

How to add new apps to your iPad or iPhone Dock

At the bottom of your iPhone or iPad screen are a series of icons that appear on every screen you switch to. This is consider the dock and can be used to hold your most used applications so that

‎Manual Move: Add Calories to Activity Ring on the App Store

· ‎Manually add burned calories to Apple Watch Activity's Move ring. Manually add the amount of calories burned in workouts that weren't tracked, such as swimming. Calories added will count towards Apple Watch Activity and will be saved to Health app via HealthKit. Open Health app to view all the dat…

How to Lose Weight with Activity App on Iphone/Apple Watch

· How to Lose Weight with Activity App on Iphone/Apple Watch There is a fantastic app on the iPhone called Activity, that hardly anyone is using. When combined with the Apple Watch, this app is a

How to Add a Workout You Forgot to Track to the Apple

To add a workout you forgot to track on your Apple Watch to the Health app: Open the Health app on your iPhone. Select the Browse tab. Tap the Search bar and enter the word Workouts. Select Workouts from the list of results. On the top right, tap Add Data. Choose your activity type, then enter the number of calories and the start and stop times.

How to add specialised activities to your Workout app

It goes without saying that this exercise is not only a visual gimmick but also – more practically – creates a new category to utilize and filter inside your iPhone’s activity app. Climbing, golfing or sailing on the weekend? Then don’t forget to bring your Apple Watch. Here we go! How to add your favorite activity to the Workout interface

How to Use the Activity and Workout Apps on Apple Watch

How to Use the Activity and Workout Apps on Apple Watch Monday May 4, AM PDT by Lory Gil One of the main features the Apple Watch has to offer is the ability to track your daily ...

Activity App on iPhone - Apple Community

· Here is the full paragraph from the Apple web page. "Apple Watch shows your daily activity at a glance. To see your progress and trends over longer periods of time, go to the Activity app on your can view your Activity rings, workouts, and achievements by the day, week, or month.

How to Customize Share Sheet Menu on iPhone and iPad

How to Rearrange Share Sheet Menu Icons on iPhone and iPad. Step #1. First up, you need to bring up the share sheet on your device. To do so, open an app like Notes, Safari through which you can access it.

How To Manually Add Data In The Health App In iOS

The Health app, up until iOS 9 has always synced data from other apps. The activity is automatically added when your phone detects your activity via the built-in meters but you couldn’t manually enter anything. With iOS 10, the Health app finally has the ability to manually enter health and activity data. This is exceptionally useful for

How to only transfer Activity and Health app data to a new

Step 3: Go to the Apple Watch app, and unpair the Watch with your old iPhone, which takes a backup of the existing Apple Watch information and stores it on iPhone. Step 4: Open iTunes and make a backup of the old iPhone, ensuring that you use an encrypted iPhone backup, which also backs up, the private activity data. Step 5: Unplug your old iPhone from iTunes.

How to use your iPhone share button like a pro - Mashable

· And tons of apps include share-sheet support. But you might not know about it, because Apple keeps this power-user feature relatively hidden. Here's how to get the most out of your iPhone's share

Activity app is not working on my iPhone … - Apple Community

· The activity app is not updating on my watch or phone. I have tried all of the steps I've read online so far, checking setting and turning both on and off. The health app tracks my movement yet it doesn't match the activity app. I even set a work out using the workout app and it didn't make a difference on the activity app. help!

How to Fix iPhone Activity App Not Updating With Apple

How to Fix iPhone Activity App Not Updating With Apple Watch Apple Watch 32 Comments As someone who exercises on a daily basis, the Activity app on my iPhone and Apple Watch really help me keep track of my goals and progress.

See & control your Web & App Activity - iPhone & iPad

You can turn Web & App Activity off or delete past activity at any time. Note: If you got your Google Account through work or school, you might need to contact your administrator to turn on the Web & App Activity additional service for your organization. Turn Web & App Activity on or off. On your iPhone or iPad, visit the Activity controls page

How to Sync Your Apple Watch Health Data with an iPhone

· How to Sync Your Apple Watch Health Data with an iPhone. Your Apple Watch can track all of your activities, providing detailed fitness data to your iPhone. The watch will sync data with your iPhone whenever it is in range, and you'll be

Use the Health app on your iPhone or iPod touch - Apple

· Use the Health app on your iPhone or iPod touch. The Health app gathers health data from your iPhone, Apple Watch, and apps that you already use, so you can view all your progress in one convenient place. Health automatically counts your steps, walking, and running distances. And, if you have an Apple Watch, it automatically tracks your Activity data. You can also enter information into a

How to view your past Activity rings and workouts in

How to view your past Activity rings and workouts in Activity for iPhone If you have an Apple Watch, your iPhone is always watching… your activity data, that is. Here's how to peek into the archives with the Activity app for iPhone.

How to Add Apps to the Apple Watch: 9 Steps (with Pictures)

How to Add Apps to the Apple Watch. This wikiHow teaches you how to install an app on your Apple Watch. You'll need to use your Apple Watch-synced iPhone to perform this process. Open your iPhone's Watch app. Tap the Watch app icon, which

Manually Add Activity to Apple Watch | MacRumors Forums

· You can't manually add to the Activity app. Also the Health App reads data from the Activity App but doesn't write data (except for your personal info) into the Activity App. Any 3ed party app would have to be an Watch app and likely could only write data to the Activity App that it actually recorded using the Watch sensors.

‎Human - Activity Tracker on the App Store

· ‎At Human, we believe the best way to improve your daily activity is by understanding it. So everything we do is designed to help you learn, improve upon, and feel good about your activity levels. ** Best of App Store ** MINUTES, NOT STEPS Most fitness apps count your steps, rather than the…

How to Use Health App on iPhone 7 Plus, iPad and iPod

How to Use Health App on iPhone 7 Plus, iPad, and iPod. Here are the tips on how to use health app on iPhone so you can maximize its efficiency. Make sure that you also get the latest version of iOS to get the newest features of Health app. Set Up Health Information. From Home screen and open Health app.

How to add apps to share menu in ios10 - iPhone, iPad

· Hello, In ios9 I was able to go into the Photos app, choose a photo that I wanted to share, in the "share menu" hit More and toggle the app I wanted to use to share (e.g. another email app). That toggled-on app then appeared in the "share menu" going forward. However in ios10, hitting More... only shows me the existing apps that are currently in the "share menu".

Use your Google Account on your iPhone or iPad - Google

To find out if you're signed in to Safari with your Google Account: On your iPhone or iPad, open the Safari app. Go to ; On the top right, look for your profile image.

How to Link Microsoft Your Phone App to iPhone on Windows

This app doesn’t have any built-in function. It simply adds a new feature inside the share menu. So here’s how to use this app. Step 1: Launch any browser on your iPhone and open a web page

Apple Watch Activity App Setup & Usage Tips |

One of the most important applications available on your new wrist gadget is the Activity app. Apple’s in-house developers have tailored this health and fitness software for all of us that want to embrace a healthy lifestyle. With the help of Apple Watch’s built-in sensors, your daily movement is continuously tracked.

iPhone time limit: How to set a time limit for a specific

Screen Time in iOS 12 offers a lot of different options for reining back how much you, or your kids, use your iPhone and iPad. You can track your activity, and also set time limits for apps and

Apple Watch: Activity and Workout app explored and explained

The Activity app is for tracking daily steps, active minutes and time spent standing and is designed to ensure you're not too sedentary. Essential reading: Apple Watch user guide. The Workout app

How to Add Folders to Favorites List in Files for iOS

· The Files app on iPhone and iPad is a bit like a light version of Finder on Mac, offering direct access to files and folders in iOS If you find yourself accessing a particular folder often within Files app, you can make it quicker to access by adding it to your Favorites list.

Best Pedometer and Step Counter Apps for iPhone - Make

Step counter apps will track your walking workouts and show your walking distance, speed, and route. Pedometer apps, on the other hand, will track your all-day steps and activity. The good thing is that most apps can do both, thanks to your iPhone’s sophisticated sensors.

iOS - Health - Apple

A more personal Health app. For a more informed you. Now it’s easier than ever to organize and access your important health information. The new Health app consolidates data from your iPhone, Apple Watch, and third-party apps you already use, so you can view all your progress in one convenient place.

How to Edit the Messages App Drawer on Your iPhone or iPad

If you use the Messages app on your iPhone or iPad, then you’re likely familiar with (and maybe frustrated by!) the so-called app drawer, which lets you do things like send Animoji (if you’ve got an iPhone X), search for images to send your pals, and add stickers to your conversations.

Best Apps For iPhone XR | Technobezz

Try to make your life easier, simpler and better with all those apps that add to the enhanced features of this phone. With over a million apps available for iPhones and many hitting the app store every day, you may not be able to keep pace with all of them. Fortunately, there is a list of best apps for iPhone XR waiting for you right away.

How to Specify Your Activity Type in the Apple Watch

How to Specify Your Activity Type in the Apple Watch Workout App Friday April 13, AM PDT by Tim Hardwick

How to Delete Health Data on iPhone - OS X Daily

· This article will show you how to delete data from the Health app on iPhone. For some quick background, the Health app for iPhone gathers helpful health data on it’s own, able to function as a step counter and distance tracker for walking and running, hold an emergency Medical ID on the iPhone, or when paired with an Apple Watch it can monitor heart rate and much more.

How to Manually Enter Data in the Apple Health App on iPhone

You may want to do this if, for example, you have a fever and want to track your temperature or add a workout that you forgot to track. Let's get started learning how to manually enter data into the Health app on your iPhone, so you can have all the data you need in one place.

How to search in the Messages app on iPhone - 9to5Mac

How to search in the Messages app on iPhone Many will reply to messages simply by tapping on its notification. This means that you’re almost never on the main conversations view that lists every

Apple Watch - How-To - Apple

How to get more out of Apple Watch. The more familiar you are with your Apple Watch, the more there is to love. Here are some quick and easy ways to get more out of it.

Delete old activity log from FaceBook iPhone, iPad app

You can delete old activity log from FaceBook, in some case if you like some unwanted photos/ Videos Accidentally, Send friend request to unknown person that you can find from activity log easily and remove it from there as well.

3 Ways to Transfer iPhone Apps to Another iPhone

How to Transfer iPhone Apps to Another iPhone. This wikiHow teaches you how to put apps that are loaded on one iPhone onto another iPhone that is signed in with the same Apple ID and password. Open the App Store app. It's a blue app that

How To Share Health App Activity Via Stickers In The

Once Health Stickers has access to your data, you can start sharing it. Open the Messages app and tap the App Store button. Enable the app in Messages if you don’t see it.. The stickers let you share your gender, your blood group, steps walked, distance walked, calories burned, exercise/active time, heart rate, stairs climbed, your current weight, and more.

how to add apps to activities on iphone